The CDPa’s Customer-Centric Transformation Playbook: Mapping and Measuring


By: The CDPa Team

We are excited to release the last two installments of our Customer-Centric Transformation playbook. Crafted by thought leaders passionate about the responsible use of customer insights and data to drive growth, the playbook focuses on mapping out your customer-centric transformation and measuring your progress.

The complete playbook is designed to help organizations:

Chapter 1: Assess your company’s customer-centric maturity (previously published)
Chapter 2: Develop a customer-centric strategy and identify opportunities and map to business initiatives (NEW!)
Chapter 3: Measure the impact of your work (NEW!)

An Overview of Chapter 2: Mapping Out Your Customer-Centric Opportunities

This section of the playbook outlines the next steps to take after conducting a customer-centricity maturity assessment using the framework in chapter one.  Once you know where you are in the process, you can identify opportunities to get started on the next level and establish value. This chapter will help you:

  1. Develop your customer strategy
  2. Deliver on your initial opportunities
  3. Build the ongoing operating model

Charting your transformation allows you to:

  • Create a durable view of your company from the eyes of your customers
  • Identify and deliver on the initial opportunities to integrate this customer-centric strategy into your existing operations
  • Develop an operating strategy to build the customer-centric strategy across all aspects of your organization’s value chain
  • Identify and execute on a few quick wins to get started 
  • Scale your customer-centric activities, your business processes, and your overall organizational structure

Charting your transformation allows you to create a durable view of your company from the eyes of your customers.

An Overview of Chapter 3: Measuring Your Customer-Centricity Progress

Once you have a plan for building up your company’s customer-centricity, you need a way to measure the impact. This guide helps you track how well you’re doing in your customer-centric transformation. This chapter covers: 

  • Objectives of measurement
  • Overcoming challenges 
  • Outcomes 
  • Assessing your baseline

Measuring the impact of your customer-centric transformation is vital because it allows you to:

  • Gain proof that centering on customers is the way forward
  • Win buy-in and build enthusiasm as initiatives show success
  • Generate support and resources toward your customer-centric initiatives
  • Garner important feedback-based indicators so you can course-correct 

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This three-part guide was created by our community, for our community, and is meant to be used as an active resource. We’d love to hear from you as you use this playbook. How did you use the information? Was anything unclear? Did you share the materials within your organization to help drive change? We would love to hear about it so we can continue to learn and improve our guides for the community.

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