The CDPa: A Year in Review


By: The CDPa Team

We launched the CDPa in October of last year, and we’re proud to announce 2021 marks the first full year of our community and its mission to responsibly use customer insights and data to drive customer-centric growth.

We’ve had a big year. Over the past twelve months, we’ve built a significant library of content for customer data professionals, including our first playbook and a flourishing collection of blog posts. We believe these materials can help anyone in our industry build value through customer-centricity. 

Here are some of the CDPa’s highlights from 2021:

Our First Playbook

During the first quarter of 2021, we presented our first playbook: Mapping Out Your Customer-Centric Transformation. Broken down into three installments, this offers decision-makers a roadmap to prioritizing customer-centricity in their organization. Combining thought leadership with useful learning tools and worksheets, this playbook helps guide major customer-centric transformations at businesses throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Thought-Provoking Q&As

One of the CDPa’s most valuable resources is its roster of founders — proven customer data leaders who lend their expertise to the CDPa’s mission and activities. We featured conversations with multiple founders over the course of the year, from defining customer-centricity with professor Peter Fader to identifying first steps with Sebastian DiGrande. Most recently, we spoke with Megan Kohout on how to build a customer analytics organization, even when starting with limited resources.

Engaging Pivot Tables

We also brought together founders and industry experts for a conversation series called the Pivot Table. You can check out the sessions on the CDPa YouTube Channel. This series served as a rich companion to the content in the first playbook, including a conversation between professor Peter Fader and Melanie Allen on assessing customer-centricity; a discussion between Jon Francis of Starbucks and Amperity’s Ben Grant on navigating customer-centric transformation; and a talk between Lynn Hemans and Chris Chapo focused on building a team for customer-centricity.

What's Next

As we look ahead to 2022, the CDPa has big plans to dive deeper into all things customer-centricity. Be on the lookout for more of what made 2021 so successful: a new playbook around the corner, more Q&As with CDPa founders, and a range of other new initiatives to help data professionals implement and make the case for customer-centricity in their own organizations.

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The CDPa exists as a forum for people who believe in responsibly using customer insights and data to drive customer-centric growth. Together we elevate the best practices and tools in a space for collaboration to drive personal development and commercial success.

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