The CDPa Brand Design Case Study


By: The Amperity Design Team

Designing the CDPa visual identity was initially a side project for the Amperity Brand Design team and evolved into an exciting playground for us to create something new. 

The Customer Data Professionals Alliance began with a basic goal: establish a community born from the expertise and passion of Amperity’s customer analytics enthusiasts — but positioned to bloom independently. We also didn’t have a name yet. 

Our team was challenged to create a name, logo, and graphic system that:

1.  References the leading category of software for customer data — the Customer Data Platform, or CDP.
2. Relates subtlety to Amperity as a nod to its roots and founders.
3. Conveys the dynamics of data: movement, connections, elegance, complexity.
4. Incorporates the idea of customer-centricity.
5. Establishes credibility out of the gate: Make this feel enticing and professional
6. Considers emergent brand values of innovation, collaboration, expert-focus, and approachability.
7. Integrates the evolving mission the founding members continued to form in the days of the community’s infancy.
8. Supports varied use across multiple mediums and locations: web, email, ads, slide/document templates, and swag.

Over the course of 8 weeks we established a name and graphic vision for the CDPa that embodies the ideals and ambitions of this growing collective. Here are a few highlights from our process and current system:


CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-01


CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-02



Balancing themes of “technology in motion” and “human connection” are at the heart of the CDPa mission and brand expression. First incorporated into the logo — and later extended as a core graphic theme — the spirograph is a key example of an automated mechanism that requires human intervention. The spokes on the spirograph demonstrate the interwoven connection of points around a circle, reflecting the communal exchange at the heart of the CDPa and the process of connecting abstract data points into individual customers and insights.



CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-03


CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-10



The color palette centers around dark environments and rich copper tones to reflect the expertise of our tools, discussions, and collective output. The primary brand accent color, aqua, connects back to Amperity’s brand and adds a bright, cool, and confident feeling to the system.



CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-04


CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-10


CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-05


CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-06


CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-07


CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-08


CDPa Case Study Final WordPress-12


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