Defining Customer Centricity: A Dialogue on Customer Data Approaches


By: The CDPa Team

CDPa founding member Sebastian DiGrande and Amperity Principal Analyst Hilary Fagan recently offered a wide-ranging overview of customer-centricity in “Changing the Dialogue: Using a Customer Data-driven Approach Across the Enterprise” at an event hosted by the Marketing Management Association (MMA). We recorded the conversation and have the recap and the recording here for your reference. 

During the conversation, Sebastian said, “When you talk to a lot of companies, they will say that they’re customer-centric. And again, not only does the definition mean many things to many people, but when they declare that they’re customer-centric, they’re often referring to it through a different lens of what that means to them.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that would disagree with the idea that  customers are an important element of their vision and business strategy. However, the customer can take on one of many different roles within that broader vision. This idea was at the center of a recent conversation hosted by the Marketing Management Association (MMA) at their DATT Unplugged Virtual event. 

In this engaging conversation, Hilary and Sebastian discuss topics including:

  • How to assess the maturity of an organization’s customer-centric practices
  • The essential building blocks for a strong customer-centric foundation 
  • The link between customer lifetime value and long-term success 

Both speakers draw on their personal experiences working with well-known brands and retailers.

Want to hear more from Sebastian on his experiences with customer data? Check out his recent CDPa Q&A, where he offers advice for organizations of any size to build a customer-centric operation from the ground up.

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