Attract & Cater to Your Most Valuable Customers with the CDPa’s Brand New Playbook


By: The CDPa Team

Since the CDPa’s founding over a year ago, our organization has dedicated itself to advocating for the use of customer data to drive customer-centric growth. That advocacy has taken on many forms — from our Pivot Tables conversation series to blog posts to our first playbook,  "Getting Your Customer-Centric Transformation Started." Building off feedback sessions around our first playbook, we recognized the growing need for a new resource aimed at professionals who want to make their operations more customer-centric.

The CDPa is excited to release its second playbook, “Putting High Value Customers at the Center”.

Who is this resource for?

In the CDPa’s first year, the majority of our work focused on making the case for customer-centricity and how to use thought leadership to bring on board executives and decision makers with the authority to implement new programs. In the coming year, we plan to create new materials for the practitioner as well — those who are held accountable for increasing revenues through marketing, sales, or product development, and who hope to make their processes more customer-centric. Their job responsibilities may range from creative marketing to media buying to store operations, but their work is united by the drive to deliver stronger and more compelling customer experiences.

Our new playbook drills down on one of the central tenets of customer-centricity: identifying an organization’s most valuable customers and placing them at the center of business strategy. In “Putting High Value Customers at the Center,” we move past the why of customer-centricity, and focus on the how

By offering practitioners  key definitions, tools, and strategies, our hope is to help them understand the current state of their operations and to move their organization forward. We also share useful, and practical advice on how to overcome some of the  trickiest aspects of a customer-centric transformation, including budget limits, change management, and measuring success.

In “Putting High Value Customers at the Center,” we move past the why of customer-centricity, and focus on the how. 

Using the CDPa’s new playbook

No two organizations begin their customer-centric transformation from the same place — whether it’s the strength of existing data assets, different goals and priorities, or varying levels of institutional support, every customer data practitioner will need to apply the recommendations and best practices from our playbook to their own unique situation. The resources provided in the playbook are inclusive, offering concrete steps for every reader regardless of the size or state of their current organization.

In the coming months, we plan to expand on the insights in this new playbook through a series of downloadable tools and worksheets, providing our readers with the resources they need to facilitate their own assessments, analyses, and roadmapping exercises. We’ll also be examining many of the themes and takeaways from this playbook through new interviews, blog posts, and case studies.

Download the new playbook.

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