Mid-year review: A look at where we’ve been and what the future holds


By: The CDPa Team

We launched the CDPa in October 2020, and since then, we’ve been working hard to build a strong foundation for our community.

We’ve created content including blogs, playbooks, and Pivot Table conversations, all specifically crafted to provide our community with the best practices and tools to promote customer-centricity and data-driven growth.

The CDPa founders met in July this year to review the catalogue of work we’ve produced over the last nine months, and to make plans for the second half of 2021. We also compiled a selection of some of our most read, downloaded, and impactful content for your convenience. 

Most popular blog: The real definition of customer-centricity

From the man who wrote the actual book on customer-centricity, Professor Peter Fader sets the record straight on what customer-centricity is… and isn’t. Read The Real Definition of Customer-centricity

Most viewed Pivot Table: Building the Right Team for a Customer-Centric Approach

In a twenty minute chat, two experienced leaders share their experiences building and leading teams in customer-centric organizations. View Building the Right Team for a Customer-Centric Approach.

Most viewed chapter in our Getting Your Customer-Centric Transformation Started playbook

Read the most popular chapter in our playbook, Assess your company’s customer-centric maturity. This assessment is designed to give you the foundation needed to start working toward customer-centricity in your business. Following this assessment will help your company begin the journey correctly and make the right investments along the way.

What’s next for the CDPa?

We will continue to build resources and content for our community, as well as develop in-person events and educational opportunities. We’re looking forward to sharing ideas, learning together, and elevating the practice of using customer data.

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The CDPa Team

The CDPa exists as a forum for people who believe in responsibly using customer insights and data to drive customer-centric growth. Together we elevate the best practices and tools in a space for collaboration to drive personal development and commercial success.

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